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- Every thing is great or mean by comparison

- Man however is a being so linked

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Fireworks106/3 01:44
Interested in visiting Hamilton over the July 4th weekend. I read there will be fireworks...any other events going on for visitors? Thanks!

Looking for local musicians107/15 23:22
We will be coming to Hamilton next week (July 21-28, 2013) for a family reunion. I am trying to find two different musicians ...

First, I'd like to hire someone with an acoustic guitar to play familiar songs for us around a campfire.

Second, I'd like to find a jazz duo or trio to play outdoors for a special alfresco dinner we are having.

Does anyone have any contacts?


Photo112/24 20:38
I just found a photo entitled Buttercup. It is certified and hand colored. It is attributed to Ernst Peterson and was included in a book entitled "The Story of the West in Picture" I cannot find any info about the photographer and am wondering if anyone can help me.

Trying to locate Kyle & Nacelle Scott106/22 13:58
I am trying to locate an old Army buddy of my husband. My husband Wayne was stationed at Ft. Riley and was good friends with Scott and his wife Nacelle. Can anyone help me find them? Wayne would very much like to get back in touch with them.
Thank you,
Jane Elam

The moment at which the Earl of Mornington108/30 19:44
The moment at which the Earl of Mornington appeared in the political hemisphere, was one that presented tented ample opportunities for displaying at once his attachment to government, and the extent of his capacity. The French revolution was then just d   

point for the royalists108/30 19:44
point for the royalists and aid in the accomplishment of that object for which all Europe was then leagued in one common alliance. Before, however, any decisive operations could be undertaken, the disastrous issne of the campaign in the Netherlands, wher   

Captain in the 58th108/30 19:41
Captain in the 58th The early maturity which he exhibited in all the great accomplishments of a soldier, justify us in assuming the fact that his private hours were devoted to the pursuit of whatever conld enlarge bis knowledge, fortify his judgment, or   

Richard ColleyWellesley108/30 19:40
Richard ColleyWellesley appears to have held several offices under the crown. He was Auditor and Registrar of the Royal Hospital of Kilmainbam, second Chamberlain of the Court of Exchequer, (1731) Sheriff of the county of Meath, (1734) and a member of P   

GHD Straighteners by Cromwell108/30 19:37
GHD Straighteners by Cromwell ried secondly, George Blount, of Kidderminster, in Worcestershire, Esq. ; and, thirdly, with Edward, Lord Blaney) he had five children, two sons and three daughters. Sir Henry, the elder of the two, succeeded him at .CastleC   

Before I proceed to the personal 108/30 19:37
Before I proceed to the personal history of the Duke of Wellington, it will not le unacceptable to the reader, that a few pages should be occupied in tracinj his ancestry, not to shew how he has derived honors from them, but how he has ennobled his line   

Man however is a being so linked108/30 19:34
Man however is a being so linked by all hisas sions, to the present, that whatever is remote and obscure, GHD Straighteners affects him less vehemently than that which is immediate and existing.Seguius irritant animos demisso'per aureni, Quam quaB sunt   

Every thing is great or mean by comparison108/30 19:33
Every thing is great or mean by comparison Till the battle of Waterloo was fought, the fields of Salamanca and Vittoria9 of Orthes and Ihoutouse} were considered as splendid trophies of his fame, which GHD Hair Straighteners no afterdeeds GHD could easil   

WHEN we completed Ike present 108/30 19:30
WHEN we completed Ike present record of the Duke of Wellington's exploits, ending, as it did, with his invasion of France, the battle of Thoulouse, and the abdication of Bonaparte, we GHD certainly did not expect that there would so soon arise an occasi   

graced GHD him through his whole career108/30 19:29
graced GHD him through his whole career I should have considered my work as wanting its fittest ornament if I had not inscribed it to youc Lord skip. That union which nature created, which reason has warranted, and which mutual fame ha reciprocal)y adorn   

Ellsworth's address?202/13 07:39
Just curious. This guy Jason W. Ellsworth has made himself pretty scarce on the web, but it is hard to hide out any more. I dug up a Montana state tax record that says that, in October 2009, at least, a fellow named Jason Ellsworth owed a residential property at 1073 GOLF COURSE RD HAMILTON, MT. I am wondering if this is the same Jason Ellsworth who runs all those magazine subscription companies. I somehow doubt if there are a host of people with this name in town. Anyone know anything about this location?
The mysterious Regal fly there to learn piano by private aircraft.106/16 18:48
The Pearl River Delta Region in Guangdong,China.---The mysterious Regal fly there to learn piano by private aircraft. Always in weekends, the people,who live in a large villa community of a small town, at the junction of Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Dongguan, in t   

swim team106/18 10:17
there is a swim team meet on the weekend of June 28. Where is the pool located for this event?

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